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What is Vibecatch?
VibeCatch is a tool that continuously listens to employees, gathering relevant and current information for managers to perform with confidence.  Explore
What is QWL?
The entire platform is supported by our scientific QWL analysis. VibeCatch is constantly determining the performance of a workforce with scientific accuracy.  Explore
How does it work?
Employees complete automated and customized polls on any device, giving decision-makers more accurate information than ever before.
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QWL Polls
Employees respond to questions that pinpoint organization's strengths and areas of improvement with scientific accuracy, showing managers exactly where and how to succeed.Read more
Pulse Polls
Continuous listening empowers managers with the ability to react to situations instantly, and our pulse polls are highly customizable to suit any business and industry.Read more
Brainstorming & Voting
Easily crowdsource development ideas and let your employees vote on the most effective improvement actions. Development idea collection works seamlessly with both QWL and Pulse Polls.
360 Feedback Polls
360 reviews help identify employee strengths and uncover behavioural blindspots; they are key in creating a happier and more productive teams and cultures.Read more

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