Tacit signals should not go to waste
Learn how science can help you increase engagement and profit
Take advantage of your Slack account by posting your VibeCatch polls directly to your choosen Slack group - catch the vibe easily and effortlessly!
  1. Log in to VibeCatch or request a demo to get started
  2. Choose an existing poll or create a new one
  3. In the poll's advanced settings click "Slack Integration" and then "Add to Slack"
  4. Choose relevant channel for your poll
  5. That's it! Your polls will be sent to Slack according your poll's scheduling!

Take advantage of your Yammer account by posting your VibeCatch polls directly to your choosen Yammer group - catch the vibe easily and effortlessly!
Log in to VibeCatch or request a demo to get started or request a demo.

Companies around the world that trust science:
Simply enter employees' emails to start or integrate easily with Slack, Yammer, Flowdock etc
Receive continous feedback
Employees receive automatically scheduled notifications and can send their answers on PC or on mobile
Gather insights in real time
Receive results and get actionable insights and estimation of impact on bottom line
Employee data in real time
QWL polls allows you to utilize tacit signals with scientifically proven methods to get actionable insight and increase profit.

Pulse polls gather real-time data about your key metrics.

360 polls gives your managers tools for self-evaluation and improvement.

Share results and reports easily to crowdsource improvement ideas.
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What is Quality Of Work Life (QWL)?

HRM performance score card

Developed by university professors

Scientifically proven method
QWL is the most essential factor of human capital productivity. It determines the workforce performance using approved scientific method and is a scorecard for improving utilization of human intangible assets.
Download QWL whitepaper PDF


Automated QWL-survey
Real-time reports
Email integration
Slack & Yammer integration
Integration to any API
Export to Excel
Result API
Online support
Pulse polls
Categorized responses
(compare by department, country etc)
Dedicated Customer
Success Manager
Customizable QWL-survey
360° surveys
Action Planning
Integration to HRIS
Premium support
Quarterly review meetings
€24/year/employee €48/year/employee
min. €2500/year
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